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A digital archive of Western Theological Seminary's history.

Cook Library
Western Theological Seminary
101 E 13th St
Holland, MI 49423

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General Faculty Information

The library staff encourages the opportunity to offer research instruction either in the classroom or in the library. Please contact Steve Michaels, Interim Director of the Cook Library, for information.

On the library website are Subject Guides ("toolkits") that offer resources by topic and can be very helpful to your students in their research. We welcome your input as well regarding websites and materials that you think would be helpful to include in the toolkits.

Please refer to the Borrowing Policies section of the website.

Materials can be renewed two times, unless another library user has put a hold on them. Go to Renewing Online, or follow the link in the courtesy email. Materials can also be renewed at the Circulation Desk.

My Account offers several options that can enhance your use of library resources.

Books and articles not found in Cook’s or VanWylen’s collections may be requested by interlibrary loan. Contact The Circulation Supervisor, Circulation Supervisor, with any questions you may have.

  • Links to request forms are found in both WorldCat and ATLA (EbscoHost)
  • If more than $5 in additional charges would be incurred for a request, you will be informed of the amount and asked if you would like to proceed with the request.
  • One renewal , if approved by lending library, is allowed per item.
  • Requests for A/V materials, e.g. CD’s, DVD’s, tapes, micro fiche/film, and books less than 6 months old or older than 100 years are discouraged. Since Cook Library does not lend such items, by ILL code of ethics we should not request what we do not lend.
  • Copyright Parameters
    • Under copyright guidelines reserve items are materials that are recommended for students to read or utilize for a specific course.
    • Reserve items may not consist of required readings. Required materials must either be purchased as textbooks or mounted on Canvas and appropriate copyright fees paid.
  • Check-Out Options
    • The circulation period most common for reserves at Western is 4-hours in-house, which means patrons may use the material for 4 hours in the library only.
    • If you do not designate otherwise this will be the time period used. Your other options are an overnight or a 3-5 day reserve.
  • Process
    • Approximately two months prior to the beginning of the course you as faculty members will be contacted regarding the titles to put on reserve at the library.
    • You are asked for the following information. A form can be found in Canvas:
      • Your name and class information (course number and name)
      • At minimum, the title, author and publication date for each item. Additional information (call number, journal title, publication information, ISBN etc.) will ensure accuracy and make for an efficient search of your material.
    • The Circulation staff will pull the materials indicated. If the library does not own a requested item, these options are possible:
      • Use a personal copy of the item. A barcode will be placed in the front cover of the item and may show wear after use by multiple patrons
      • Request the item be purchased for the library. This is a good option if the material will be used for a course in the future.
      • Borrow the item from Hope College, if it is owned by them. VanWylen Library is often willing to allow a one-time reserve use.

Scanning, printing and photocopying of materials for courses and research are available on the first floor of the library at no cost to WTS faculty. Please inquire at the Circulation Desk.

The accounts of students who are working as research assistants can be linked to yours. This enables them to check books out on your account, offering:

  • the advantage of your 90-day checkout period
  • a larger quantity of books than a student account allows
  • books become your responsibility

The linkage is valid for the academic year. Please contact The Circulation Supervisor, Circulation Supervisor, to initiate a linked account.

Please use the "Purchase request" function in Primo.  Materials that do not have a "Purchase request" link are already in the Cook library collection.

You may also submit purchase requests via email to the Library Director or by using the provided Google Form.

  • Online (login using your G-Suite login)
  • Online through courses in Canvas
  • In the library using the library computers

Internet links to Cook Library Electronic Resources need special treatment before being posted to Canvas. Please see this page for more information.

Cook Library seeks to maintain copies of books published by faculty while on staff at Western. Donation of publications are appreciated.

  • First copy is put into circulation
  • Second copy is held in Special Collections

Journal Titles available via Document Delivery