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Access e-Resources Instructions (EZproxy Help) / How to use EZproxy

EZproxy (for access to licensed databases and other electronic resources).

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A digital archive of Western Theological Seminary's history.

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How to use EZproxy

The Cook Library's electronic resources are licensed for the noncommercial, educational and research use of current Western Theological Seminary students and employees.  To use EZproxy begin by clicking a Cook Library web link from the Library's website, Primo, or "View It@WTS" button.  While off-campus, current Western Theological Seminary personnel will be prompted by EZproxy to enter your WTS G-Suite Login.  People not affiliated with Western Theological Seminary may access these resources only while in the Western Theological Seminary building.

For help or questions about using EZproxy, contact us at Once you successfully log in, you will have access to restricted resources throughout your browser session.

The EZproxy system allows off-campus access to electronic information resources that are restricted to current Western Theological Seminary students, faculty, staff.  Systematic downloads, distribution or long-term storage of substantial portions of information is prohibited. If you use these resources from a computer on the Western Theological Seminary network you may currently access the resources without logging in, but your access must be routed through EZproxy by starting on a Library site or saving shortcuts or links after starting from a Library site.